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Early puppy training establishes good manners and habits right from the start, and helps prevent barking, mouthiness, jumping, pulling, and aggression later in life. Early contact with many people, places, and other puppies allows your puppy to grow up confident and friendly.

This class includes the following:

• Manners & Impulse Control - Teach your pup to sit rather than jump, pay attention, wait, walk nicely  on leash and leave food and other items that are off limits.
• Bite Inhibition - Keep your hands and sleeves safe, and lay the foundation for a gentle mouth  throughout your pups socialization. Shape your puppy into a well-mannered puppy who likes children & strangers.
• Handling - Teach your pup to enjoy being touched for easy nail clippings, vet exams, grooming, etc.
• House Training - Get the A to Z on potty training, complete with a schedule and helpful tips.
• Flexibility - We’re working on and off leash.
• Fun, and more Fun!


Pups must be between 10-weeks-old and 5-months-old at start of class.

* Please do not schedule your dog to be spayed or neutered during the five week session.

*Please note that enrollment fees for group classes cannot be refunded after the first class has been attended.
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